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Fastener products are the nuts and bolts of your industry. From petrochemical pipelines to fabrication facilities, quality fasteners ensure effective performance and efficient operations. Whether you’re looking for a few washers or are looking for an ongoing distribution partnership for all your fastening product needs, discover what makes Brazos Fasteners a leading supplier of structural nuts and bolts.

Our Diverse Fastener Products

From industry-specific anchors and washers to standard hex nut specifications, we supply you with the basic components you need to avoid critical failures and unsafe working conditions. Explore our vast range of hardware to see why we’re a leading nuts supplier to the Gulf Coast and other areas:

Screws: We carry screws with a broad range of lengths and with various head types. Choose between stainless steel and zinc-plated fasteners for your application.

Nuts: From lock nuts to wing nuts, a dynamic array of components reliably secures bolts in various environments.

Bolts: Compare hex head bolts, lag screws, stud bolts, and structural bolts for your industrial application to see why we’re a leading bolts supplier.

Washers: Decide on the type of washer or lock washer needed to support the nut in creating a safe, secure hold.

Anchors, sockets, and other components: In addition to a broad range of these standard fasteners, we also supply specialized sockets, durable anchors, and all thread rods for your industry.

Pipe Hangers: If you are looking for a distributor for industry standard hangers, supports, and pipe fitting solutions, we are your connection.

Brands we carry:

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It takes dependable fasteners to create a dependable finished product. Secure a relationship with a leading full-line fastener distributor today. Contact us to see how Brazos Fasteners can tighten your tolerances and easily solve hardware issues with industry-leading fastener products.

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Our focus is to provide high-quality fasteners in whatever time frame you need them with expert customer service. The success of various organizations with diverse backgrounds relies heavily on our products, which are held to high standards.

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